Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services(HKSEDS)

The health of guide dogs has always been our top priority. Over the years, with the kind help from a lot of veterinarians, our guide dogs are maintained in its prime condition, both physically and mentally. We are grateful for all the help and support. In this, special thanks should go to Dr. Gavin Liu for taking good care of “Five Small Blessings”, which is our guide dog team. With his unconditional love and care, five of them have grown up to be healthy and happy dogs. We sincerely hope that they can contribute themselves to the society like what Dr. Gavin did on them!


Reunion with tears of joy

Miss Au, who is our client, lost her dog “Mocha” one day. Dr. Liu immediately asked for help from different volunteer teams. As time went by, Miss Au received no news about her furry little one, and she started to feel so hopeless and despair that she wanted to give up. A turning point occurred one day when someone told Miss Au that he saw a dog that looked similar to “Mocha” in Yuen Long. She then rushed to Yuen Long with dog food as a lure.

At about midnight, a Poodle covered with dirt and bruises, hobbling and staggering towards the food. Miss Au was so excited and she called out. To her disappointment, the Poodle didn’t respond. Seeing this injured doggy, Miss Au moved with compassion and decided to feed it every night. Finally, the little Poodle got acquainted with her after two weeks. She then took it to a clinic for veterinary treatment. Doctor found that the Poodle had suffered from various skin inflammation and anemia, and its cornea as well as the nose was scratched too.

That night, Miss Au brought the Poodle home, deciding to bring it to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department on the next day. But, to her surprise, she found that this little Poodle got along with another puppy at her home immediately, like they had known each other for a long time. Also, it was much familiarized with the settings in her home too. Miss Au then thought to herself: Could it be “Mocha”? So, she checked with the veterinarian the next day and discovered that the Poodle was really her beloved “Mocha”!

Miss Au’s unconditional love to a homeless dog had led her to an incredible reunion with her furry family member. Wasn’t it unbelievable?