“Animal is man’s best friend and human is animal’s best companion.”
Central Animal Hospital believes that our “Best friends deserve the BEST CARE” and concerns a lot on the well-being of animals. With love and compassion, we adhere to provide the best care to your loved ones.



Each and every medical procedure is conducted in professional and scrutinizing manner. We exercise scrutiny and judgment, based on your pet’s physique, physical and mental health as well as its personality before we come out with a customized medical treatment plan that best suits the needs of your pet comprehensively.



Central Animal Hospital is founded in 2001 by Dr. Gavin Liu, with an aim to rescue animals and to take care of them with unconditional love. Throughout the years, our team has freed a lot of animals from sickness, restoring their health. We then completed our services by introducing Chinese therapeutic treatment in 2010, helping animals to reinforce and replenish the vital essence. In 2012, another hospital was started in Kowloon City and expanded our services to the Kowloon side. Our hospitals open seven days a week, to serve you and your pet with timely care. To further enhance our veterinary care and customer service level, the two hospitals have recently undergone transformation and renovation.



Treating and curing with an integration of Traditional Chinese and Western therapies

Central Animal Hospital integrates Western and Traditional Chinese veterinary medical systems. Apart from utilizing tools of modern science to diagnose the disease with high precision and treating acute disease, a holistic Traditional Chinese approach is adopted as well, to better assessing the well-being of the whole patient and providing non-invasive treatments, to take care of your pet comprehensively.

Person to Person communication with clients

Our care team highly concerns the feelings of our clients and their pets. When providing treatments to your furry family member, our team will make sure it is at ease, and it feels comfortable. At the same time, our veterinarians will identify and meet the unique needs of your pet with a customized medical plan, while maintaining good communication with the owner. Thus, our clients are ensured to have a complete understanding of the entire treatment process.

Enthusiastic team with professional attitude

Our veterinarians and assistants have extensive clinical experiences and are dedicated to treating animals in a professional manner. No matter what kind of disease your pet has, our team adheres to provide the appropriate treatments, taking good care of your pet. Moreover, our veterinarians continue to further their studies and participate actively in different medical conferences, to enhance their skills and absorb the latest medical information for the sake of your pets.

We serve you seven days a week with easy access

We fully understand your worries when your furry family member is sick. Hence, our hospitals open seven days a week, except on statutory holidays, to take care of your pet promptly. Our hospitals are located in Tin Hau and Kowloon city with easy access.


Social Responsibility

The relationships between community, humans and animals are inseparable. Pets are our family members, and part of the community. Central Animal Hospital highly concerns on animals’ welfare in pursuit of the common good of human being and animals. To protect homeless animals, we have been providing veterinary care for free or at cost charge. We have also worked with different charity organizations and volunteer groups throughout the years, sponsoring charity events and organizing health talks. It is our hope to raise the interests of animals among the community. Promoting kindness to animals, we have successfully established a platform between pet owners and our veterinarians.