General Medicine

Our hospitals open seven days a week. You are always welcomed to raise any questions or concerns about your pet during your visits. Our veterinarians will conduct simple checkup in addition to medical history inquiry for a comprehensive understanding of your pet. Our hospitals have all sorts of equipment and facility for a more thorough examination and diagnosis, including laboratory testing (urine, feces, and blood tests), gastrointestinal endoscopy, X-ray, ultrasound and cardiac ultrasound examination. All diagnostic services are conducted by professional staff.

General Surgery

Our hospitals provide general surgical services. In addition to our experienced care team, all surgeries are closely monitored by modern equipment. We can conduct more complex surgery that includes sterilization, orthopedics, oncology, dentistry, heart surgery etc. In some cases, our veterinarians may refer your pet to specialized veterinary care as different types of surgery may require various levels of specialty care.


Our hospitals provide orthopedic surgery, including osteoarthritis, compound fracture, pelvis fracture, patella luxation, spine, herniated intervertebral disc and minimally invasive surgery. This service is in charged by our experienced veterinarian who has over 20 years of clinical experiences in this area.


Our hospitals provide different vaccinations, including rabies vaccine, DHPPiL (distemper, hepatitis, enteritis, influenza, leptospirosis) vaccine, FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia) and the like. It’s essential to take your pet for vaccinations at its early age, so as to prevent a variety of highly contagious, even fatal disease. It is particularly important for young pets.


The process of microchipping is similar to vaccination, in which anesthesia is not required. Most of the animals feel nothing while some may only feel slight discomfort during the process, with no side effects. The microchip can generally last for the animal’s whole life.


Proper pet dental care is critical to your pet’s healthiness ─ Don’t neglect its dental health! Serious dental problem not only makes your pet feel uncomfortable and painful, but it can also lead to a host of other health issues, such as liver and kidneys problems. If you notice that your pet has bad breath, please schedule a dental appointment right away. Our professional team is here to provide you with appropriate treatments and advice.

Health Check

General health check includes measurement of body temperature, heartbeat pulse, respiratory rate and the change in body weight. Animal’s eyes, ears, mouth, lungs, skin, heart and other internal organs will also be checked. Veterinarians may recommend additional testing or checking, depending on your pet’s condition.

Health Certificate

You are required to provide a health certificate to your destination country, should you want to bring your pet for traveling or to make a long-term stay abroad. We can assist you to issue a health certificate for your pet, and prepare other required documents, including vaccination record and blood testing proof.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Western Veterinary Practice emphasizes on specialist treatment while Traditional Chinese uses a holistic approach. Traditional Chinese Veterinary Practice is especially effective in treating chronic conditions, recuperation, and curing aged animals, which Western therapy has little to offer.


Herbal medicine
Herbal medicine utilizes natural herbal ingredients for treatments. Medicine is prescribed by veterinarians based on its health and physique conditions. Our prescriptions have slightly increased the sweet flavor to make the medicine easier to drink.


Acupuncture is a treatment that involves the stimulation of points, typically achieved through the insertion of specialized needles into the body. It has been used to treat animals for three thousands of years. It is particularly good for anti- inflammatory, pain relieving and promoting the healing of injuries.